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This Item is only for consumer who ordered Macinbot Classic but was rejected mistakenly. It is to compensate their effort. Other consumer please do not pre-order here. 

Estimated shipping time june 2017

Click order here you can get the Macinbot Classic but with free shipping

-each set costs 25 us dollars plus shipping

-figure is 10cm tall.

-each set come with a "font suitcase" and a mouse.

-produced by injection moulding, with high quality ABS plastic

-arms and legs are detachable, arms are held on by magnets

-FREE Metal Macinbot Flat figure for anyone pre-order within January 2017. This flat figure can be used as bookmark or paper clip 

Deliver by registered air post, or air post with tracking system

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For more information on the Macinbot Classic, check out the official page

*Please note that the Macinbot Classic shown in the top photo is a 3D-printed test model. The final product might differ slightly.